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James Owens

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Board Member

James has spent the majority of his life dedicated to theatre and performing arts where he has directed, produced, and performed in both musicals and plays, comedies and dramas, and currently sits on the board of a non-profit theatre company. Since 2018, James has been involved with theatre programs up and down the West Coast as the head instructor, overseeing creative staff,  junior counselors, and a program of over 300 children. James has an immense passion for, and dedication to, performing arts, theatre, creativity, and story-telling and is honored to be part of the Del Shores Foundation. 

James is a credentialed Teacher and has taught or currently teaches Integrated Science, Honors Science, Social Media Marketing, and Leadership at a California public school. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education, an undergraduate degree in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship, and is currently working on a MBA. He has also engaged in a number of non-paid positions as a volunteer - specifically in LGBTQ+ social justice - where he worked on a number of campaigns, including Oregon United for Marriage, Freedom to Marry, and the Pete Buttigieg campaign. James currently lives in Palm Springs after having moved there permanently four years ago, and has become an active member of the LGBTQ+ and Theatre communities in the region.