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Melodye Purdy


Board Member 

Finding home in the southern states as an LGBT person couldn’t have been more surprising to Melodye Purdy, when she and her partner of 22+ years landed in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, this victorian village (but far from victorian attitude) has a large LGBT population.  While living in the one blue dot in Arkansas, she and her partner have been active in their community as entrepreneurs and as volunteers.  Melodye has a background in development as mental health professional in hospice.  She also has enjoyed over 36 years as  professional photographer, having photographed over 1500 weddings.  In addition, they provide their community an internet video channel, and provide countless pro bono services to local non-profits. Melodye and her partner recently hosted Del Shores for two separate performances in Eureka Springs.  Together, they hope to continue pouring ice cold tea, invite others to the table, and most importantly inspire writers and playwrights through Del’s foundation to tell the stories of our lives.