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Rich Weissman


Board Secretary and Founder

Rich was CEO/President and owner of DMA, a premier provider of cloud technology database systems in the U.S. and Canada for the financial services industry. The company focused on innovative analytics for new risk management paradigms through "big data" intelligence, utilizing new methods for data integration, research, statistical and behavioral modeling. Rich also served as head of the DMA Think Tank. He founded DMA, and in 2014 sold it to the Riverside Company who now operates it under the Baker Hill brand. Prior, Rich had been Senior Vice President, Marketing Director at Bank of America, US Bank/Bancorp, and National Westminster Bank USA, as well as working in EMA Research/Consulting in the packaged goods industry. Over his career, Rich pioneered and managed a variety of database, financial, strategic, product development, pricing, delivery channel, marketing, sales, branding and public relations functions. His work has been recognized for its cutting-edge thought leadership. He is also a strategic innovation and motivational speaker, having often presented at top-tier conferences and conventions. Rich's work has been noted in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week and a multitude of other leading publications. As a prolific researcher and writer, he has authored many articles, research and white papers.


​Rich now provides expertise, time and resources for not-for-profit activities. He is Director of the Richard Norris Weissman Charitable Fund (of the Richard Norris Weissman Trust) that focuses on empowering LGBTQ people, women, people of color, non-Christian religious minorities, immigrants and other minority groups, as well as animal rights/rescue. Rich writes for his own blog and has contributed many articles to HuffPost, with an analytic focus on social and political issues, and reviews of film and live theater from a social science perspective. He is a member of NLGJA (National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association) for LGBTQ journalists.


Born in New York, Rich obtained his B.A. summa cum laude, two Master’s degrees and completed his Ph.D. coursework in the social sciences, focused on quantitative analysis/statistics at New York University. For one of his graduate degrees, Rich interned at LIJ-Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, working with schizophrenic/psychotic adolescents. Rich’s graduate thesis was in the area of statistical interactionist modeling as a new psychiatric paradigm. He also attended NYU’s business school to enhance his education, and Rich completed the Marketing Management Program at Stanford University as well.


Rich is married to best-selling novelist J.D. (Jack Douglas) Horn, having eight books published, with books published in nine languages throughout the world. Rich and J.D. are the proud parents of two daughters, Rebecca and Madeline, both California attorneys, and Kirby, their Chihuahua rescue dog. Rich is involved in music and entertainment, and he sings in Modern Men Chorus in Palm Springs. He is currently working on producing an original musical for which he wrote the book. In his youth, Rich lived in Israel for a number of years, and he and J.D. are members of Congregation Sherith Israel, a progressive synagogue in San Francisco. Rich and J.D. now reside in Palm Springs, San Francisco and Black Butte Ranch (Oregon).