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We have created the Ambassadors Circle as a new opportunity to be involved in spreading the word, supporting the work, and cheering us on as we weave an ever-widening net of supporters, writers, and success stories. As a member of the Ambassador Circle, we ask that you agree to share information about our fundraising events, programs and foundation news with your own network. You will be the first to hear about upcoming events and programming and added to our SUPPORTERS page here on the website!

To join the Ambassadors Circle we ask that you commit to a minimum monthly recurring gift to the foundation of at least $25.00. Once your first monthly contribution has been processed, you will receive a "welcome" email from the Ambassadors Circle with more information!

Complete the form below and join the Ambassadors Circle today!

**Make sure you check the "recurring" box and set monthly donations.


  • Art Gregoire & Terry Nelson

  • Eliseo Arebalos

  • Laura J. Lamb Atchley

  • Ed Baran

  • Tom Batok & Tom Skok

  • Corrine Bell & Cheryl Ober

  • Charles Benjamin Bartley

  • Ken Bertwell & David Applegate

  • Bob Bielenberg

  • Scott Cessac & Craig Parsons

  • Erica Coppage

  • Larry Cosand

  • Peggy & Brian Dean

  • Rob Detrick

  • Mark Dudek

  • Presley Duyck

  • Joan Furman

  • Ashlee Howard

  • Joey Helton

  • Trey Isenhower & Joe Hooper

  • Robert Jackman

  • Leslie Kimbell

  • Myron Lea & Lee Adams

  • Rick LeBlanc

  • Linda Leonard

  • Harvey & Rochelle Lewis

  • Hope Levy

  • Kris Martin

  • Barbara Miller

  • Kyle Mills

  • Greg Nabholz

  • Louis Ott

  • Kathi O'Donohue

  • Patrick Parker & Kevin Major

  • John Pafford

  • Jon Peterson

  • Thresa Richardson

  • Barry Robertson

  • James Ryan

  • Cynthia Sanders

  • Mickey Sharpe

  • Brad Shreve & Maurice Chevalier

  • Bart Verry

  • Dean Wallingford

  • Joe Patrick Ward

  • Kathryn White

  • Sean Wiggins

  • John Wippler III

  • Lisa Wippler

  • Val Zwirn

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