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Mission Statement

The Del Shores Foundation’s mission is to find and facilitate the development of new southern queer artistic voices through bringing together artists and working professionals, amplifying new work and connecting artists to platforms for the creation of the work.


Vision Statement

Winners, Finalists, Guests, Del Shores & Emerson Collins

at the 2022 Del Shores Foundation Writers Festival

  • We envision a world where southern LGBTQ+ writers have the opportunity to develop their craft and work with working professionals across the film, television and theatre industries.

  • We envision a world where southern LGBTQ+ writers have access to the producers and funding to see their work created.

  • We envision a world where theatre, film and television producers actively seek out our pipeline of writers for creating work with a new and different perspective and lived experience.

  • Finally, we envision a world where these creators have the skills, funds and opportunities to create their work in the communities where they live and platforms for sharing their finished works.

Sometimes I close my eyes and create a perfect world.

A world of acceptance and understanding and love.

A world where there is hope. Even if the hope is just whispered - I hear it.

- Del Shores, Southern Baptist Sissies

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