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Kishor Ryan


Board Member

With his faith, strong practice in meditation, and support from his family, friends, and coaches, Kishor has been able to pursue deeper goals towards his passion for helping the LGBTQ+ Community.

Kishor Ryan grew up in a very conservative traditional Hindu family. He struggled with the idea of coming out to his Indian parents who migrated here to the USA with only $8 in their pockets. Kishor remembers curling up at a young age, when no one was around, to watch the show Queer as Folk. Tears would flow as his healing began. Watching these characters showed him how to be a proud and out queer man. Through series like Queer as Folk, Kishor developed a passion for acting.

Growing up, Kishor had a goal to pursue medicine and became a microbiologist. Later he made a decision to branch from Medicine to explore Finance.  Kishor co-founded Choosing Equality. Choosing Equality is an organization designed to help LGBTQ+ individuals and couples plan for their retirement while helping them with investment, tax, and legal matters during a very difficult time of discrimination and inequality. Today Kishor is also an entrepreneur who believes in building people up to live their best life.

Kishor Ryan became a proud contributor to multiple charitable organizations that share the message of Love, Inclusion, and Equality. He has also volunteered with the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN). RAIN helps to take care of the needs of AIDS patients.

Stories like those in Queer as Folk save lives. They change lives. They inspire. These stories are why Kishor is so proud and grateful to be on the Board of The Del Shores Foundation. It is a dream opportunity to work with Del Shores and his beautiful team. Kishor hungers to bring his passion and talents to support creative minds in the LGBTQ+ community to further bring their own stories to life.

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