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Sissies Livestream Benefit

Over 4,500 people watched our Southern Baptist Sissies 20th Anniversary Celebration Benefit and livestream and, we raised over $14,000!


We sent almost $300 to each of our 25 nonprofit theatre partners as they return to creating live theatre in their communities.


$7000 goes to beginning to fund the cash awards and grants for the inaugural Del Shores Foundation Writers Search.

You can watch the livestream with all of the reunions, interviews, one of a kind clips and performances any time through the YouTube link here.

Donations to this campaign have ended.

A huge thank you first to all of those who contributed, to all of the actors from the play and the film who appeared, to all of the artistic and executive directors who speak to their experience with Sissies and to Debby Holiday and Levi Kreis for their incredible performances.

It was a magical evening about this piece of Del's that has meant so much to so many and continues to have impact today.

Watch the Livestream

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